About Us

Upon discovering we were pregnant with our first child, we began reminiscing about our childhood. A reoccurring theme presented itself in many of our most memorable moments. What was it. you ask? It was food. We were flooded with memories of times shared picking apples/strawberries/raspberries, or tending to the family garden. Other times shared in the kitchen, and the smells of the food in the midst of its preparation. Can you smell your favorite meal as a child?  The times gathered around the dinner table, knowing just how well prepared the food was. We were so thankful for having been exposed at such an early age to home made, and often home grown food. Out of this shared experience came a commitment to provide healthy options for our kids, and even for ourselves. From the time our children started on solid foods we were making our own purees. After much research, we found great options were at our disposal to puree and store our food. However, beyond a bowl and lid, we struggled with an adequate, economic, and environmentally safe & friendly way to dispense of the food which we had prepared for our children. 

After much research the Cache Food Pouch was born, and with it an amazing change in our lives. We found we were less bound by the good old bowl and spoon, whereby we had to personally hold in order to feed our little ones.  As soon as they  were able to hold their own bottle, they were also able to hold the pouches and feed themselves. On those occasions when we had to run an errand, but it was time to feed, we could easily fill a pouch and let them feed themselves in the car. Taking healthy options to daycare became a breeze. Additionally, we found our children would even eat certain types of food out of the pouches, which they would fight us on out of bowl. 

Over time we found the pouches to be great for day trips, hiking,  snacks before/after sports practices, or school/work lunches. We have even found runners and bicyclist enjoying a them as a way to store and dispense of their homemade energy gels. We trust you will find the Cache Food Pouches to be equally beneficial for your active household, as they have been to ours.

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